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Next week the dead will rise…!

In case you haven’t heard, our world is about to be overrun by brain-hungry zombies.

Lots of them.

Luckily for you, N3rd Girl Jen Coles is here to help you survive this impending apocalypse with an hilarious horror cult cabaret in homage to zombie film classics, gaming culture, and all those things that go “Grr Argh” in the night…

From Night of the Living Dead and 28 Days Later to Resident Evil and Call of Duty, Coles calls the show ‘her lovesong to nerd culture’ with songs from such diverse sources as R.E.M, Jonathon Coulton, Weird Al and the soundtrack of L.A. Noire.

Preparing for the apocalypse hasn’t been all hot photo shoots, and fun and gaming however.

Filming of the short videos that punctuate the show was plagued not by zombies, but by the crowd of interested brain-dead bystanders who kept accidently kept shambling into shot…

(Check out the preview HERE)

Coles is a recent graduate of both Box Hill’s music theatre program and the Melbourne Cabaret course, and this, her quirky debut show, may just unleash your inner zombie-hunter and save you from a horrible undead death.

We have learned the last remaining bunker for humans who survive the initial outbreak will be The Butterfly Club next week: 7pm Thur-Sat Aug 11-13, 6pm Sun Aug 14. 

Entrance is only $22/$18, and you don’t want to be left outside the perimeter when the doors are closed, so book your place NOW. Your life may depend on it.


N3rd Girl Versus the Zombie Apocalypse by Jen Coles

Accompanied by the Man in the Hat, Rowland Brache

Directed by Kim Edwards

The Butterfly Club, 204 Bank St, South Melbourne


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(You should come, you know. If you want to stay alive…)