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Review: MEL TRICKEY in Happiness 101

Do something that makes you happy!

By Adam Tonking

Happiness 101: Laughter is the Best Pseudo-Science! introduces us to esteemed academic Professor Geraldine Gravis, as played by Mel Trickey, who is here to lecture us on happiness, what it is and how to achieve it as proven through her scientific methods.

Not everything goes according to plan as her logic unravels and her inner yearnings reveal themselves, all for the entertainment of the audience.

This show is a perfect example of brilliantly-crafted cabaret, performed and written by Trickey. It has everything: a clear and engaging story, well-chosen songs to serve said story, a fully-realised character taking us along for the ride.

Trickey commanded the stage from the start, involving the audience – on Thursday night we were quite a small crowd which can be, well, tricky – but she was so charming that we were happy to play along. The left turn the story takes in the middle could have become trite and obvious, but as handled by Trickey was completely successful.

A lot of the humour in Happiness 101 relies on its ability to surprise the audience, and in the interests of people enjoying it as thoroughly as I did, I’m trying not to reveal too many of the details.

The show, however, reaches its pinnacle near the end in an amazing medley where the Professor realises her lifelong dream.  This moment is equal parts hilarious and spectacular, and I almost wish the show had ended at that point – it’s so good that anything after that feels like coming down.

Trickey was excellent in this show. She hits some amazing notes, assisted by accompanist Rowland Brache, who not only played beautifully, but also engaged in some lively banter with his esteemed colleague, much to the audience’s amusement.  Direction by Kim Edwards also deserves applause for making great use of the venue’s idiosyncrasies and keeping the action lively and varied.

I genuinely cannot say enough nice things about this show. Do yourself a favour and get on board. I can’t guarantee you’ll learn anything about happiness, but you will definitely be happier for seeing it.

Happiness 101: Laughter is the Best Pseudo-Science! is on at The Butterfly Club, South Melbourne, from 13th to 15th October at 7pm, and 16th October at 6pm.

Bookings through www.thebutterflyclub.com or 9696 2000.

Forget Your Troubles! The Return of HAPPINESS 101

Because EVERYONE needs more  Happiness-ology in their lives!

Having a bad day?

Here’s something to make you smile!

That’s right, ladies and gentleman, our favourite comedy cabaret guru and aspiring academic is back for a second season to remind us that laughter IS the best pseudo-science!

After a debut of feel-good performances and full-houses, Professor Gravis (aka Melissa Trickey) will be back with her lovable cabaret show, Happiness 101, and the good professor promises us it will be bigger, better, and WAY more happy!

It’s guaranteed to turn you from this…



…to this!



Mel Trickey, a mainstay of Melbourne music theatre, successfully tuned her talents into cabaret earlier this year, and is delighted to be returning to The Butterfly Club for four additional performances next week.

For fans of the first season, there is rumoured to be some new intrigues and song surprises, along with all your favourite hilarious spoofs of academia, aspirations and ABBA!

So get Glee-ful, sing for joy, and unleash your dancing queen: this show is simply and utterly a great laugh in good company, and a really fun night out!

Come on – get happy!

Happiness 101: A quirky cabaret about ploys for joy, measures for pleasure and practising what you preach.

Warning: Comedy is contagious…!

Written and performed by Melissa Trickey

Directed by Kim Edwards

Accompanied by Rowland Braché

Venue:  The Butterfly Club

204 Bank Street South Melbourne

Dates: Thur- Sun 13-18 Oct

Times: Thur-Sat 7pm, Sun 6pm

Bookings: www.thebutterflyclub.com