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REVIEW: Short+Sweet Cabaret 2012

Variety was never so sweet!

By Myron My

Short+Sweet is the biggest little arts festival in the world that celebrates ten-minute performances in theatre, cabaret and dance. Crammed into 19 days, there are roughly 100 original works performed. As with any variety show though, there are going to be some performances that are significantly stronger than others.

Short+Sweet Cabaret

My top choice of the Group A performances for the Short+Sweet Cabaret Festival would therefore be Good Grief performed by Sarah Gaul and Sophie Wright. There was obvious rapport between the two as they played thespian ‘frenemies‘ who are looking at building on their repertoire of tragedy to become better actors. Both women have great voices and songs that had the audience in stitches with laughter.

Another highlight was Amanda Buckley in Haley Burton: Ready to Role: her charming nature made the crowd warm to her immediately in this semi-improvised cabaret of a high-achieving understudy.

Quite possibly one of the last things I expected to ever see in cabaret would be a show about Oprah Winfrey but it happened at Short+Sweet with Oprahfication…the ULTIMATE interview. As Opraaaaaaaaah! Rachel Dunham’s resemblance was uncanny and her portrayal throughout of this talk show queen was spot on.

Each ten-minute cabaret also had some very talented musicians, be it pianists, drummers or guitarists. There were a few that stayed in my mind after the shows were completed so my mentions would have to go A Very Kitty Christmas’ Barnaby Reither, A Little bit of Little Pattie’s Cameron Thomas and Oprahfication…’s Shanon Whitelock.

The mind boggles in choosing what to see and that’s the great thing about Short+Sweet, having such a diverse range of ideas and concepts. There are many different stories to be told and all are created with passion and dedication.

Venue: Chapel Off Chapel, 12 Little Chapel Street  Prahran

Season: Until 8 December | various times

Tickets: From $25

Bookings: http://www.shortandsweet.org


Review: KARIN MUIZNIEKS’ Filthy Secrets

Risque, risky music theatre that’s both fresh and funny

By Kate Boston Smith

The rumors are true, Karin Muiznieks is one of Melbourne’s best musical theatre writer / composers, and Filthy Secrets is the perfect hot-breathed whisper to convey this exceptional talent. 

Unsure of what to expect when I took my seat, as the first song started my mouth curled into a half-moon and maintain that position for nigh on the next 55 minutes. Muiznieks and her team of talent have pieced together a jet stream of sketches that move from light-hearted over-bearing stage parents to more darker elements of sexual perversions in the society in which we all live. 

On stage with her are the flawless musical performers Cameron Thomas, Karlis Zaid, the ever-gorgeous Louise Joy McCrae and sibling/ fellow musician extraordinaire Emma Muiznieks. Together this ensemble produces choral completeness, jazzed-up jives and crooning tales of misunderstood woes

Interwoven into these delightful sounds are stories, tales and conversations which we all can relate to or comment on.  From sexually confused footballers and snooty Toorak housewives, to modern-day women with casual sex on the brain, no one is safe and nor should they be.  This is a show that explores and pokes fun at multiple facets of society with no-holds barred.

There was one sketch that was particularly risqué.  As my body squirmed in the “oh no” awkwardness of the sketches content, my head processed the intention behind this particular piece, a commentary on media outlets and the public’s obsession with celebrities.  This is a topic very fitting in today’s media climate in light of the controversy around the News of World phone-tapping scandal. 

Controversy aside, this is a show that is sleek, funny and setting the tone for modern musical theatre.  It is fast-moving to the point where you don’t notice time slipping beneath you, with performances that are strong and worthy of praise and applause they evoke. 

This is an ideal show both for those wanting to dabble in cabaret for the first time and for the more seasoned audience member: a perfect representation of fresh musical theatre with a dark, comedy bent.

Tonight Thurs 21 July at 7.15pm

$35 / $32, The Ballantyne Room, South Melbourne Town Hall

REVIEW: Amelia Ryan is a STORM IN A D-CUP


By Lisa Nightingale

Yup, sure… that IS how I am going to start this review. I think ‘Wowee’ sums up tonight’s performance of Storm in a D-Cup perfectly!

Taking my seat in The Butterfly Club tonight, the hot-red peep-toed shoes waiting on stage in front of me let me know that a party was about to take place, and I was not mistaken. Amelia Ryan burst from the rear of the room and made her way up on stage, and from that moment she was on fire.

Ryan’s cleverly-written, bear-all biography delivered through conversation and song had me, through the most part, bursting with laughter.

When I wasn’t laughing, I was entirely stunned at the sharp twists and turns her life has taken and I’ll tell you, her stories just NEEDED to become a cabaret! From tales of a transsexual step-mother to ‘sick leave’ pains, Ryan keeps her audience completely entertained.

The songs through the show were fantastic – re-written and made entirely her own.  I was blown away with how cleverly old favourites from Sound Of Music, Avenue Q and Belinda Carlisle were worked into the story. 

Ryan has an amazing connection with the music she is singing, keeping the audience enchanted through humorous lyrics but also through the emotionally engaging songs we then hear midway through the show, which were breathtaking and reminded us that we are listening to a real girl’s stories and real-life challenges.

Ryan’s focus and ‘real’ performance whilst she was singing is something that I cannot praise enough. I did feel however that her story-telling could have been a little less ‘rehearsed’. She shows such freedom and release whilst singing, and during the season I hope she finds this when delivering her well-written script as well.

Yet, hearing her tales of how clumsy she is, I couldn’t help but relate to stories she told – and hearing other females laughing in the audience, I knew they felt the same.

Another HUGE bonus to this already fantastic show is Cameron Thomas on piano. He brings such excitement to the stage, has a few lines in the show that cracked me up—and once he starts playing that piano, his energy buzzes!

Amelia Ryan has everything she possibly could need to take her blossoming cabaret career as far as she wants. A brilliant stage presence, hot-to-trot voice and a banging body – and don’t forget, she’s a blonde bombshell D-cup!

If you have no plans over this weekend, get to The Butterfly Club; and if you already have plans, CANCEL THEM and head down anyway for the 7pm performance of Storm in a D-Cup Friday and Saturday or 6pm Sunday. You’ll be giggling for a whole hour – promise!