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Geoffrey Rush already gave the shirt off his back…

Literally! Melbourne Cabaret Festival is desperate to raise the $15000 that will allow it to go ahead this year, and Geoffrey Rush offered his support with a limited addition Pirates of the Caribbean t-shirt being donated to the prize draw.

Although the t-shirt was soon won by a happy contributor, there are still lots of exciting offers for you to win when supporting this great campaign.

The unique reward list on the ‘crowdfunding’ website Pozible includes a wide variety of free tickets and memberships, a personalised caricature (only one left!), a private supper booth in the famous Spiegeltent, your own personal piano man for an evening, or a recorded bedtime story (!), a free burlesque class  or even a house cabaret!

With exceptional Melbourne and international cabaret artists like Amanda Palmer, Sammy J and Randy, Kaye Sera, Trevor Jones, Karin Muiznieks, Luke Escombe, Anne Edmonds and The Jane Austen Argument offering their services, your donation to save this year’s Melbourne Cabaret Festival immedately becomes an exciting prize pack: nothing like supporting a good cause and getting an fanastic reward of your choice!

However, this is THE LAST WEEK of the campaign, so if you don’t get in quick, not only do we miss out on once again rejoicing in one of the most vibrant, diverse and extraordinary music and performance festivals in Australia – you also miss out on your chance for a once-in-a-lifetime prize.

Cabaret in Melbourne has a well-earned reputation for exceptional and exciting performers and performances, and in recent years, the Melbourne Cabaret Festival has been the premiere showcase for the greatest local and international cabaret stars have to offer.

We don’t want to lose this!

Check out the campaign and the rewards for yourself HERE! 

Save Melbourne Cabaret Festival!

REVIEW: Tom Dickins says F**K PLAN B

An inspirational piece from a talented man
By Kate Boston-Smith
To: Tom Dickins
From: Amanda Palmer
Jettison the job.
Fuck Plan B
I’ll support you in anyway I can… Xx
There is no doubting Tom Dickins of The Jane Austen Argument has a beautiful velvet voice and in his latest solo show, F**k Plan B, he fluently moves through his impressive range. 
This new cabaret show is bold and brave: Dickins takes us through his journey from high-school dreamer to educated and informed performer who steps out from the shackles of 9-to-5 work.
There were moments in the show that reminded me of my favourite scene in  the musical confessions of A Chorus Line as Dickins retells his experience, his heartache and his unorthodox approach to decision-making in his Brunswick apartment.
He shares with us personal inspiration from his grandfather, a man who has clearly left his mark on his grandson: the love he has for him is undeniable.

His show has strong moments and his skilful song-writing is great, but I have to say I was rather frustrated by his dark eye makeup and hair, as I could not see his eyes.  He gives us a very personal story filled with intimate details, but he was unfortunately hidden in the shadows of the makeup.   

Dickens has clearly had a dream-like start to his creative career as a independent writer and performer. I would certainly love to hear more from the depths of this imagination and what other sorts of colourful musings he has on the world.

All in all this is an inspirational show for anyone wanting to bravely follow their dream, so go along tonight for the final show of F**k Plan B and support Tom in his.

Tom Dickens in F**k Plan B

Venue: The Butterfly Club, 204 Bank St. South Melbourne

Date: Final show Sunday (tonight) 6pm 

Tickets: $22 full,
$19 concession,
$18 group (8+)

Bookings: www.thebutterflyclub.com


Hey Baby!

Our favourite yummy mummy of cabaret, the beautiful Lizzie Matjacic, has just become a mum again!   She gave birth last month to a gorgeous baby girl called Isobel, and little Benjamin (the inspiration for Lizzie’s cabaret From Here To Maternity) now has a new sister.   While we’ll be missing her treading the boards for a little while, Lizzie has always said her greatest role is being a mum – and we know she’s a star at that too!

In the Winner’s Circle

Stunning young singer/songwriter Tom Dickins continues to go from strength to strength!   From winning the Encouragement Award for Short+Sweet Cabaret 2008 and completing the Creating Solo cabaret course, Tom created his cabaret show “Where Was I?” that enjoyed several Melbourne seasons including headlining at The Butterfly Club for the Fringe Festival in 2009.  

 This was followed by a tour in the US with fellow artist Jennifer Kingwell, their formation of The Jane Austen Argument that has been performing recently as the support act for gigs with Amanda Palmer, and culminated with a season in Adelaide Fringe.   Where was I? – oh yes, Tom and Jennifer promptly won the award for Best Cabaret at Adelaide Fringe 2010!   Congrats, Tom!

Chickening Out…

Stand-up comedian and recent cabaret course graduate Christine Moffat will be making feathers fly for the Melbourne Comedy festival this week.   She’s playing a romantic hen in the Australia premiere of the weird and wonderful Serenade by award-winning Polish playwright Slawomir Mrozek.   In the tradition of Theatre of the Absurd, this parable about today’s cannibalistic social order is sure to see Christine really – well, playing chicken!