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Charming and disarming

By Tania Herbert

The Possibility of Falling is the story of a girl – and her cat.

The Possibility of Falling

A Melbourne Fringe festival show in combination with album launch of Freya Bennett’s first album The Marvellous Reject Girl, Freya and her lovely four-piece accompanying band take the audience on a whimsical journey of story and music. The show is beautifully back-dropped by a moving visual slideshow of work by American photographer Sophie Pellegrini.

The little tale of The Marvellous Reject Girl has hints of The Little Prince and Emily the Strange in equal measure, and the children’s storybook-style of the script is full of sweet sentiment as a tale of loneliness, lost love and self-acceptance. In between times, we are treated to the soundtrack to the reject girl’s life.

Heavily instrumental, the music is very much like a movie soundtrack for some little American indie film with a bit of a Frenchie feel. The cellist, trombonist, guitarist and drummerwere a wonderfully cohesive unit, and filled out the simple lyrical feel of the piece.

Long Play must be one of the more unique spaces in Melbourne’s north, a mini-cinema with loads of personality, and a well-chosen venue for the show.

Personally, I’m a bit of a fan of a story album, and I found this to be an extremely pleasant evening of Fringe. Evocative of Aimee Mann and Camille, I hope we see Freya Bennett some time to come, as I’d love to see her music as it matures over the years, with some extra depth to add to the sweetness. The Possibility of Falling is a lovely little pat to the soul. And did I mention it was sweet?

The Possibility of Falling is playing for Melbourne Fringe on
Wednesday 25th September , 7:30 PM
Monday 30th September, 7:30 PM
Wednesday 2nd October, 7:30 PM

Tickets: $14/$18

Book at:
Or call (03) 9660 9666
Or at the door