Cabaret To Order

Looking for something dazzlingly different to spice up your next corporate event, birthday celebration, Christmas party or special occasion?


Do you want…?
  • Comedy?
  • Music?
  • Dance?
  • Stand-up?
  • Burlesque?
  • Contemporary?
  • Dark and edgy?
  • Classical?
  • Emotional?
  • Envigorating?
  • Enthralling?
  • Hilarious?
Cabaret has it all!


 No wonder cabaret has become Melbourne’s most vibrant type of live performance, whether in the corporate world or the best theatre & music venues, or at your own favourite bar, restaurant or club.  

Theatre Press offers a diverse network of Australia’s finest & most popular cabaret artists, each with a unique & unexpected show for a wonderful evening of tailored entertainment.

CONTACT US about booking the perfect cabaret act to make your special event a real night to remember.


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