Creating Solo Cabaret: Melbourne Cabaret Course Curriculum

Dr. Kim Edwards
BA (Hons), MA, PhD (Monash)

Course Aim

 All the participants will come out of the course with a fundamental understanding of how to put together a solo cabaret, and the foundations of a working script, song list and unique show concept.   They will also have had the opportunity to produce, promote and perform some of their developing material in Australia’s premiere cabaret venue, and the chance to earn a professional fee for their ticket sales and receive constructive criticism from industry professionals.

Week One

The first week will be dedicated to discussing in detail the genre and expectations of cabaret, learning about marketing and advertising a solo production, and exploring methods for creating a unique concept for your own show

Week Two

This session will be about song choices and scripting: how to incorporate a good variety and balance of music, arranging and crafting songs for your own specific purposes, skills for writing and developing workable dialogue, and methods for linking songs and script together.  

Week Three

This session will be about direction and blocking, performance skills, and script editing: what to do on stage to make your material/characters/songs work better, how to polish and hone your dialogue and timing, and performance ‘tricks of the trade’ for rehearsing and preparing material.

Week Four

This master class involves running through one song with the accompanist that you have been working on for inclusion in your show, and subsequently workshopping and developing it intensively with the course co-ordinator as pragmatic training in how to prepare repertoire for cabaret-style performance.

Week Five

This rehearsal session with an accompanist and director will be workshopping a fifteen-minute excerpt from the material you have been creating, to gauge audience reaction and receive more personalized direction, more detailed staging suggestions and specific performance advice for your show.

Week Six

The final sessions will be rehearsing and performing this extract from your developing show as part of the Performance Night events.   As a professional performance experience, you have the opportunity to receive 50% profit share with the venue for the ticket sales you generate.   You will also be provided with an accompanist and lighting operator, lots of support and encouragement before and during the performance, and constructive critique and feedback during the discussion class afterwards.

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