Course Co-Ordinator:
Dr. Kim Edwards
BA (Hons), MA, PhD (Monash)

From the 2007- 2011 graduates…

“I’ve always wanted to do a course about putting on a cabaret show but I didn’t imagine that it would be so successful on a personal level.”

“Most courses don’t live up to expectations, but this one exceeded them.”

“I found the course to be very useful and user friendly.   I particularly enjoyed and appreciated working with Kim, drawing upon her vast skill and knowledge of the genre, and of the mechanics of writing, scripting, and executing a show.   Awesome.”

“A brilliant course for everyone who wants to do a cabaret show.”


Proposed 2013 Course Dates:

(To be announced)

Workshops (Mondays 7:30-9:30 pm)

  • Session One 
  • Session Two
  • Session Three

Master Class (Monday 7:30-9:30pm)

  • Session Four

Rehearsal (Monday 7:30-10:30pm)

  • Session Five

Performance Night (Wednesday 7:30pm – 9pm, plus follow-up discussion)

  • Performance 


Course Venue:

All sessions and the Performance Night will take place at Australia’s premiere cabaret performance venue:

The Butterfly Club
204 Bank Street
South Melbourne



$490 inclusive

($100 non-refundable deposit upon placement offer, balance due by first class)

This includes:

  • Three sessions workshopping, writing, developing and editing your own solo cabaret
  • Unique cabaret ‘Starter Pack’, ‘What Next? Pack’ and week-by-week handouts, clipboard folder for course materials and homework, and tea/coffee/refreshments
  • Master class on a specific song with accompanist and focussed workshopping with course co-ordinator
  • Personal rehearsal sessions with the accompanist, and personalised direction from the course co-ordinator
  • All accompanist and technical/lighting operator costs for dress rehearsal and Performance Night
  • Guaranteed small classes for individual attention, advice and focus on your specific show and requirements
  • Graduate certificate upon course completion, and personal written critique of your final performance

Click HERE for Course Curriculum           Click HERE for Application

Contact for further inquiries

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