Low-key comedy of epic proportions!

By Myron My

As part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Apartmentocalypse!  has us witnessing the world’s end. Yes, Armageddon is happening right now and three housemates, Thomas (Eden Porter), Martin (Michael Kalenderian) and Rob (Joshua Porter), are trying to figure out what to do next.


There is a level of ridiculous normality amidst this end of the world, as they still find time to argue about who is responsible for paying the rent and which mugs people have been drinking tea from. With three very distinct personalities on display – new-age Rob, wet-behind-the-ears Thomas and manly Martin – there is always a risk of playing to stereotypes whereby you lose the emotion and the realness of the people but the three actors play their characters so well and honestly that this is avoided and you care about these guys.

There are familiar shades of Shaun of the Dead-style humour present but the distinct comedic timing and high energy that the three possess under Christopher Bryant‘s direction allows this show to break free from this comparison. Particular mention goes to Eden Porter’s hilarious exaggerated expressions that truly were a sight to behold.

This is a tightly-written script that rarely wavers in its comic drive and rewards the audience with call backs referenced throughout, a sign that much time and effort has been put in here. Likewise with the set design, where the smallest touches has been added to create authenticity in the living room and some imaginative use of the lighting at various moments.

Apartmentocalypse! delivers the laughs and recommended for anyone who is looking to enjoy something other than stand-up at this year’s festival. In fact, Apartmentocalypse! reminds me very much of a normal share-house meeting – with the added bonus of the end of the world. And also a very good reason why I insist that all my DVDs remain in alphabetical order at all times.

Venue: The Tuxedo Cat, 17-23 Wills Street, Melbourne

Season: Until 21 April | Thurs-Sat, Mon-Tues 7:15pm, Sun 6:15pm

Tickets: $20 Full | $16 Concession

Bookings: or at the door