Review: KATE MILLER-HEIDKE for Melbourne Zoo Twilight Concerts

The iconic Melbourne summer experience

By Jess Cornish

The 2013 Twilight Concerts kicked off last week at the Melbourne Zoo for its annual ‘Summer of Music’ season.The profits of the ongoing event go towards fighting against animal extinction, as well as supporting an incredible array of talented Australian artists.

Last night I had the privilege of experiencing Kate Miller-Heidke perform live. She was amazing, and sounded just as good as any of her recordings, if not even better somehow in the open air! The quirky queen delivered her colloquial pop songs with a dash of opera sprinkled throughout, with ample character and perfect pitch through the overcast night.

Kate Miller Heidke

Her distinctive voice cut through the cold evening air, and had her fans eagerly hanging on every word. Highlights of the evening included the popular hit, Can’t Shake It. The tune brought the crowd to life in  replicating the dance moves from her video clip. Another stand-out moment was Caught in the Crowd, which has interestingly become a tool schools are using to  explore schoolyard bullying.

My only possible complaint about Miller-Heidke’s set was that she didn’t perform an hour longer!

However finger-tapping support act, Kim Churchill was extremely entertaining to watch. Armed with a mixture of acoustic guitars, a harmonica, kick drum, a New Caledonian electric violinist and French Canadian trumpeter his music reminded me of a younger Xavier Rudd with a shot of caffeine injected into the set.

It even seemed fitting that his first song for the evening was one about the falling rain, whilst the audience, my self included, sat firmly on the grass with the heavy clouds slowly splattering light drops of water onto us.

I had a great night but here are some crucial tips for all you future Zoo Twilighters:

If you’re meeting people make sure you clarify where you intend to meet at to avoid confusion. For the summer concerts it’s best to meet at the ‘rail gate entrance’, as it’s a quick and easy walk to the stage from there.

Secondly, this is Melbourne, so while the concerts are advertised as a summer event it could be 42 degrees or 10! So bring everything: sunscreen, hats, beanies and blankets. This is a must so your plus-one doesn’t end up begrudgingly jacketless for the night in the spirit of kindness for their unweather-savvy girl friend…

Thirdly, consider bringing a picnic. Only one food outlet had card facilities and food choices were limited and expensive.

Overall, these iconic Melbourne concerts are definitely an amazing concept with an incredible variety of artists, and support a great cause. What more could you ask for?

If you haven’t already been – get on it!

Where: Melbourne Zoo

When: 25 Jan- 9 March, 7pm start.

Cost: Adults from $45.00-$49.10, Children: $22.50- $26.10

Bookings: online or phone 1300 966 784