REVIEW: Albert Salt and Wintercoats

An exceptional double act wow the crowd

By Myron My

Performing as a double set at Chapel Off Chapel and presented by Fly-On-The-Wall Theatre were two extremely talented Melbourne musicians, Albert Salt and Wintercoats. Despite their two unique and different sounds, the evening still proved to be very successful, if the warm response from the audience is anything to go by.

Albert Salt

Taking the stage first was Albert Salt who entertained the audience with his combination of alternative rock, electronica and jazz music. Salt was supported by Noah Harris and Lachie Bubb, and the latter who was particularly great to watch on the drums. There was much ease and grace in the way he played, despite the obvious level of skill and concentration needed.

The set list played was a great example of the varying skill that Salt has as a singer and musician with the standout tracks being Fear & Loathing and Salt’s closing track This Is Her. The foot-tapping amongst the audience was evident and at times I wished that Salt were simply performing at a pub so that I could get up and dance! There is definitely a bright future for this Triple J Unearthed finalist from 2011.

The second half of the evening was quite a contrast to Salt, where we were treated to a great set by Wintercoats aka James Wallace. Wintercoats took to the stage with nothing but a violin and created a beautiful experience for the audience to take part in.


Finding every conceivable way to produce sound from a violin, Wallace uses the bow, strums the instrument like a guitar, strikes it with his hands and even blows into it. Wintercoats created a complex experience of overlapping music and sound that had everyone on their own personal journey throughout it.

The backdrop for Wintercoats’ gig was a visual stream of nature imagery, including fires, water, skies and epic landscapes that were filmed in Ireland, Scotland and Iceland. This blended in magically with Wintercoats’ nostalgic and whimsical music.

As we approached his last song, Wintercoats admitted he had never played it before and it could end up sounding like cats meowing, but the risk paid off as we ended a great night on the highest note possible.

The evening was another reminder of the talent that resides throughout Australia and Fly-On-The-Wall Theatre provided these remarkable artists the opportunity to play for audiences who might not have necessarily headed down to a pub to see a local live music gig. Hopefully there’ll be more performances like this coming soon.

Venue: Chapel Off Chapel, 12 Little Chapel St, Prahran

Season: Until 15 December | 8:00pm

Tickets: $15 Full