Review: ZULEI KHAN in Triage!

Unlikely hospital comedy an hilarious success

By Meg Richardson

Hospital emergency department. Generally speaking, these three words don’t make you want to laugh, sing or even smile. And nurses? They don’t generally seem overly theatrical. However, this clinical setting is exactly where Zulei Khan feels most at home.

In her one-woman comedy cabaret, Khan, a registered division 1 triage nurse, takes the audience through the day-to-day lives and tribulations of those working in this challenging industry.

Traige! focuses on the emotional journey of Khan’s career. The audience is exposed to her outright honesty about the job that has engulfed her life. She addresses her frustration with self-diagnosing patients, addiction junkies and excessively arrogant doctors the best way she knows how- by belting out some big show tunes.

With a well-balanced mix of original numbers and re-worked classics, Khan’s voice is a joy to listen to. Her delivery of dialogue is, at times, a bit clumsy but somehow, this adds to the personality of the piece.

The intimate setting of The Butterfly Club also allows Khan to interact with the audience with great ease. She is not afraid to talk to them (or ask male members of the audience uncomfortable questions about certain ‘female’ medical instruments!).

The affinity she establishes with the audience very early in the show also allows her to really evoke emotions within them when she expresses some very personal challenges she has faced with a tear-jerking, delicate ballad.

Overall, Zulei Khan gives a laugh-out-loud insight into the only life she has ever known. This knowledge has allowed her to compile a show that is entirely entertaining from beginning to end.

Although she has made a successful career saving people’s lives, I only hope she continues to delight patients and audiences alike – Zulei Khan belongs on the stage.

If only every visit to the emergency room could be so entertaining.

Where: The Butterfly Club

When: Tuesday 19th – Sunday 24th June

Time: 8pm (Tue, Wed, Sun) 9pm (Thu, Fri, Sat)

Tickets: Adult $23, Concession $20, Groups (8 or more) $18