Not for everyone, but definitely worth the watch

By Myron My

When I decided to see some new comedians for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, I was instantly attracted to Matt Okine for one particular reason: the name of his show: Being Black & Chicken & S#%t. This was definitely someone with my type of humour.

There was a strong audience warmth projected towards Okine and this is in no doubt the result of the immediate interaction he created with us and within seconds of being on stage. Through his comic discussion of the mundane things in life, Okine connects and bonds with us all including topics such as wheelie bins, sushi trains and – the crux of his routine – fishing.

Okine shares some personal moments with us and the majority of his routine is about a fishing trip with his father and the back-story to that. You can see that when Okine discusses this, he isn’t acting but is being open and honest with his audience, which is an extremely positive quality to have as a comedian.

There were a few moments, which I believe, were a little flat but judging by the audience reaction, I was definitely in the minority. And I am all about not being restricted to political correctness in comedy; it can be offensive and that’s the risk you take as a comedian but used correctly can be extremely funny. I just think there needs to be a build-up to it or a common theme otherwise you run the risk of being controversial for the sake of being controversial.

Okine is definitely a face to keep an eye on. It may not have been the sort of humour I was looking for, but there were enough laughs to consider seeing this rising star of the comedy circuit again. And I also got to learn some very interesting yet disturbing facts about the wonders of sea creatures.

Melbourne Town Hall
Until 22 April
Tue-Sat 9.30pm
Sun 8.30pm
Full Fri & Sat $19
Full Tue-Thu & Sun $15
Ticketmaster: 1300 660 013

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