Review: VICTORIA HEALY in Independent Woman Part 2

Girl power unplugged

By Myron My

In the back of Melbourne bar, Rue Bebelons, Victoria Healy takes to the stage to perform her 2012 Melbourne International Comedy Festival show, Independent Woman Part 2.

With a swagger of “girl power”-themed musical interludes, Healy discusses various moments of a young girl’s life when she begins to define herself as a woman. She’s not a girl, not yet a woman. All she needs is time…(and I’m going to stop there).

Beginning with “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls, Healy reminisces about her glorious high school days where she would happily compare herself to Scary Spice and later, the unfortunate self-appointing membership to the girl gang; The Fish Crew. Oh, the folly of youth.

Healy continues to get in touch with her feminine side with the aide of asrtists like Shania Twain, Beyonce, and Corinne Bailey Rae. We see Healy’s trials and tribulations regarding hair maintenance, the efforts women will go to to win a jelly-wrestling competition (I really hope this story is true) and even rhythmic gymnastics gets an honourable mention.

On a technical note, my only criticism of the show would be the lighting. Just a touch brighter would have made a world of difference in my eyes – literally. Despite the small stage area, Healy uses it well and this is where you see her improvisation experience and knowledge come into play. The characters she creates throughout her stories, such as the racist who decides to eat in Chinatown, are well thought-out caricatures and deliver the laughs where needed. You almost forget that it’s a one-woman show at times due to their realness.

Ultimately this story is Healy’s journey to becoming a confident, sexy and dare I say it; independent (there, I did) woman. After the show, my two female companions spent a good half an hour not only discussing what Victoria had said but agreeing with it and relaying their similar experiences. At one point, I even found myself relating to things.

Regardless of your generational letter, with her warm and welcoming ways, it seems Healy’s Independent Woman Part 2 is hitting a chord with women and men alike. Zig-a-zag-ah!

Rue Bebelons Upstairs
267 Little Lonsdale St
until 22 April
Mon 6pm
Fri-Sun 9.45pm
Full $20
 (Cheap Mondays $16)
Online or at the door


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