REVIEW: The Butterfly Club Presents KELFI AND FIKEL

Let’s hear it for the girls

By Maxine Montgomery

Kelfi and Fikel (aka Kellie Della Ca and Fiona Higgins) began their show by walking into the intimate showroom at The Butterfly Club and saying hello to the audience. They asked the names of a few of us and in that moment, we were all put deliciously on edge, unsure if we were going to be called up for audience participation or left in peace. The girls then opened the show with a stint of casual banter, giving a feel of having being invited over for coffee and a chat. It set the tone for an evening of frankness, irreverence and fun.

From the outset, their long standing friendship was obvious – they clearly share a similar twisted sense of humour, and they have an inherent love and understanding of each other. These factors combined serve them very well throughout the show. Their character-based sketches are slick, clever and fast-paced in delivery. Kellie and Fiona have created a broad range of characters, and through them they are able to pass comment on anything and everything. Without these characters, they may not be able to push the envelope as far as they do and still have the audience on side. I found myself fully engaged in all scenarios, bar one – the less-than-macho koala and kangaroo sketch. After beginning well and bringing forth giggles from the audience, it seemed to run too long and in doing so, lost some of its impact.

The sketch comedy of Kelfi and Fikel is strongly supported by their original songs and their delivery of same. The girls’ voices seem to be made to sing together. Backed by Kellie’s capable piano-playing, their vocals are strong and their written harmonies are delivered with confidence. Their opening song, “We Go Together”, is a wonderful catalogue of all the best and worst pairings that have ever been – I sat there crying with laughter thinking, “Oh, no, they didn’t just go there?!” One of my favourite moments started as something of a nod to “My Favourite Things” and ended up as a euphemistic love letter to the vagina… Fine line trodden? Yes… Side-splittingly funny? Oh, my word, yes!

Kelfi and Fikel have created a show that is ‘oh, so right’ because in places it is ‘oh, so wrong’. These two know how to have fun, not take themselves too (at all?!) seriously, and invite the audience along for the ride. If you’re a fan of the likes of The Fast Show and The Catherine Tate Show, then the comedy and music of Kelfi and Fikel is sure to delight.

The show runs at The Butterfly Club as a part of the 2012 Melbourne Comedy Festival every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at 10:20pm until April 21. For tickets, go to

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