Sex-a-holic beats the Choco-holics this Easter!

By Deborah Langley  

This year the Easter Weekend has a spring in its step down in South Melbourne. Last night, despite the deserted streets and empty roads, a lively crowd was gathering at The Butterfly Club for the second night of Eleni Avraam’s Toxic Waste – A Love Story

Inside the intimate space the audience were treated to the ultimate warm-up to any cabaret as the pianist Rowland Brache vamped some classic tunes arranged and played with toe-tapping warmth and style.  

Once the show begins, we meet Betty – a yellow-haired, deluded queen, and self-proclaimed slapper

This sex-a-holic allows for some entertaining material full of sex toys, not-so-subtle innuendos and some questionable judgment when she decides she doesn’t mind being the other woman – just not the other, other woman. 

Avraam creates in Betty an annoying yet loveable character who works the audience with nervous delight, but it’s not until she introduces us to Marie, the wife, and the other side of this love story that Avraam truly shines.  

Although at times these characters begin to blend and the lines blur, Avraam finds moment of stillness and honesty which are really magical. 

For me, the show’s best moments come through the interaction between Avraam and her amazingly talented pianist.

With perfect timing, Avraam relishes these moments of personal interaction and Brache provides a solid yet silent creative and emotional support for this no-holds-barred cabaret. 

Toxic Waste – A Love Story dares to explore relationships as they disillusion, disappoint and dissolve.

Based on pure fiction (or so we’re told), Toxic Waste is brutally poignant, viciously honest, disturbingly raw and witty as hell.


So, if you want a have good chuckle this Easter Weekend (without your family!), head down to the home of the Melbourne cabaret scene, The Butterfly Club, 7pm tonight (Saturday) or 6pm tomorrow (Sunday) for the last two nights of this fun one-woman cabaret show – with 2 women.


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