Melbourne Comedy Festival Presents TOXIC WASTE: A LOVE STORY

Love never runs smooth when the man of your dreams is a 6ft cardboard cut-out called Davo…

There are always two sides to every story.  Hers – and hers…

Marie is Vesuvius on legs and a betrayed wife. 
Betty is a deluded bullsh*t queen and a slapper. 
And then there’s – Davo.

This love triangle is not going to end well… 

Toxic Waste is a gut-wrenchingly funny one-woman cabaret show – with 2 women.  It takes a surprising look at both sides of a (perverse) relationship with one man and no holds barred.   Violently funny, brutally poignant, viciously honest… and witty as hell!

About 10 years ago, it became bleedingly obvious to Melbourne’s own Eleni Avraam that she had a damn fine set of lungs & so she did all she could to use them to full capacity.  Although initially shy, she attended singers’ festivals, joined choirs, screamed in the car & yodelled at the end of piers. 

After completing the Melbourne Cabaret Course, Eleni decided  to do her first solo stage performance, auditioned and was accepted for the Short+Sweet Cabaret festival, and was promptly invited as a featured cabaret artist at The Butterfly Club for the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

You can meet Eleni, Marie, Betty and Davo himself in person at Toxic Waste: A Love Story for the Comedy Festival in April. But book fastDavo seems to have already got himself a fan club…

Toxic Waste: A Love Story

Written & Performed by Eleni Avraam

Accompanied by Rowland Brache

Directed by Kim Edwards 

Venue: The Butterfly Club, 204 Bank Street, Sth Melbourne
Dates: 21st  – 24th April
Tickets: $22 Full, $19 Conc, $18 Group 8+
Times: Thur – Sat 7pm, Sun 6pm
Bookings: or via the Melbourne Comedy Festival

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